Nowadays, many people are using information retrieval engines such as Google, Naver, Daum, and Yahoo. Among the engines, Korean people mostly use Naver. A few years ago, people used the search engines through using computers; however, because of development of technology, there is a good device which called 'smartphone'. Around 10 million people have smartphones in Korea, which shows that the importance of the smartphone area cannot be ignored by global companies. 

   A lot of companies are trying to make better smartphones and there are several operating systems(OS) such as Android which is made by Google, I-OS which is made by Apple, and Windows mobile which is made by Microsoft. In addition, recently, I-OS is the most popular OS in the world. However, many manufacturers are choosing Android because they can use the OS for free and they can also modify it for their products. Due to the popularity of Android, many companies are implementing good applications which can be installed in Android smartphones. 

   Owing to the popularity of Android, there are some issues to be argued by companies who provide information retrieval engine service. They mentioned that Google may require not preloading other engines in the products which is based on Android. 

   "We acknowledge that Google set up a new ecosystem by making Android, a mobile operating systme, and distributing it for free, but it isn't fair to use that operating system as a tool to hinder market competition", an official said from NHN which owned Naver.

   It is difficult to recognize the truth for users. However, if it is true, Google should try to compete with others fairly and should provide various opportunities to users to have the smartphones in which other engines are preloaded.

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