Apple, one of big companies for electronic devices such as iPhone, Mac series, and iPad sued Samsung which produced Galaxy series and others as a copycat. In addition, Samsung countersued Apple. 

   Apple is the best seller for smart devices now and it has some rivals such as Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and etc. It is difficult to expect who will be the best next. However, it can be said that Apple will lead the area for a moment due to their uniqueness of the products. Samsung is just following behind Apple with Galaxy series, so Apple cannot avoid Samsung as a rival.

   It is a kind of a sensitive debate to point out who the copycat is because each product has different characteristics. However, the media is playing with this baddly, so people are confused with the fact. The media should not only analyze about the legal action of the two companies carefully but should also metion about it with an objective view.

   Which product is better can be only judged by users and there can be a prejudice to evaluate the products among the users. Nevertheless, the nuemerical statistic which shows the number of the users of the product can obviously show which one is more popular and handy to use. The most popular seller should be more modest and try to improve their product better and better. Also, the others should try to be the best in the world and to be a good rival. Then, one of them will be the best next.

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